Eurobeat goes on

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SHOPPERS browsing The Avenue on Saturday may have felt like they’d stepped onto the set of a musical.

Giffnock-based Harlequin Youth Theatre staged a flash mob at the Newton Mearns centre last weekend – a sneak preview of what’s to come in this week’s Eurobeat.

Celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest for all its cringe-worthy moments, the spoof appears at Eastwood Park Theatre from Wednesday – and unlike most musicals, the audience are in control.

That’s because Eurobeat involves audience participation, asking those watching to vote live for their favourite performance.

Even better, every audience member will be assigned a country on arrival – so whether you’re big-hitter France or underdog Armenia, you can come over all patriotic in time for the final vote.

The show also features more than a few flags for waving, a live feed to the green room back stage, and of course – those colourful songs and dance routines which have made Eurovision famous (for better or worse).

Short of a trip to Azerbaijan this May, this could be the closest you’ll get to seeing Eurovision in all its glory.

Eurobeat runs from Wednesday until Saturday (March 24). Shows at 7.30pm, with a Saturday matinee at 2.30pm. Tickets £10-£12, on 07593093028, or