Eating out: more to burger than meets the eye

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REMEMBER the days of yesteryear, when, if you were lucky, a day of family shopping ended in a trip to your favourite fast food outlet?

This week’s restaurant review may be a burger joint, and it may be in a shopping mall — but food at the Handmade Burger Co is far removed from the usual fodder.

The Silverburn branch has invented a new burger, rolled out to the rest of Scotland to become one of their most popular choices.

Being considerate, I allowed the other half to take on the best seller: a 100 per cent Scotch beef patty stuffed with haggis and topped with peppercorn sauce — plus anything else you fancy.

Still, I managed to sneak a taste, and wasn’t disappointed. The meat was succulent, the haggis adding spice and moisture, and the creamy peppercorn sauce was a great accompaniment — as was the addition of smoked bacon.

Unfortunately, the soft seeded bun didn’t hold up to the juiciness contained within, and it soon became a knife and fork job.

But, there were no complaints from the OH, who polished it off — along with most of his tasty Cajun fries — at speed (no doubt scared I’d snaffle some more).

I had opted for another stuffed special, cheddar and chilli, which arrived with spicy relish and trimmings.

It packed an impressive fiery kick and enough oozy cheese to keep the beef moist — again, the only complaint being a soft bun which fought and lost with all that juice.

Not being a chip person, I ordered a stack of light and crisp-battered onion rings and garlic mayo.

It’s perhaps apt that the burgers arrived skewered with ‘I’m Stuffed’ white flags because, after finishing off burgers and most of our sides, we were ready for waving them.

This is well-crafted grub, and a restaurant you’d be happy to take the kids to after the trawling the shops.

Rating: 8/10

Handmade Burger Co.

Unit 33

Silverburn shopping centre

Barrhead Road


G53 6AF

Tel: 0141 881 8780