Eastwood Entertainers take on Made in Dagenham

Some of the cast of Made in Dagenham. Photo: Kev Moulds.
Some of the cast of Made in Dagenham. Photo: Kev Moulds.

Local amateur dramatic group Eastwood Entertainers are rehearsing for their next production ‘Made in Dagenham’ which they will perform in Eastwood Park Theatre in April.

Inspired by a true story and based on the hit movie, Made in Dagenham is a musical comedy about friendship, love and the importance of fighting for what is right.

Set in Essex 1968, like millions of other working women, each morning Rita O’Grady is just trying to get her husband out of bed, get the kids off to school and get to work at the factory on time.

But life is about to change forever when it’s announced that the girls in the stitching room of Ford’s Dagenham car plant will have their pay grade dropped to ‘unskilled’.

Quickly drawing on a strength she never knew she had, Rita leads her friends in a battle against the might of Ford and the corruption of the Union supposed to protect them. As the girls’ inspiring journey gets bigger than anyone could have imagined, the pressure is too much for some, but can Rita keep up the fight and the happy home she’s worked so hard for?

This is story is still relevant today with it being the 100 year anniversary since the suffragettes won the right for woman to vote and as workers in Tesco and the BBC are currently facing claims of unequal pay between male and female workers.

Gemma Arterton attended the recent Baftas with two very special guests – Gwen Davis and Eileen Pullen.

The two women were part of the group who fought for equal pay at the Ford’s Dagenham factory back in 1968. 

The show features Rhona Steven as Rita’s daughter ‘Sharon’ in three performances and she is the third generation of ladies in her family to tread the boards with Eastwood Entertainers.

Her gran is a previous member and her mum Vicki is a current member and President of the group.

As Eastwood Park Theatre celebrates its 45th birthday this year, Eastwood Entertainers are proud to have been performing in the theatre for over 40 years and bringing a high standard of musical theatre which audiences enjoy.

Amateur theatre is so much more than entertainment though – it teaches children and adults to believe in themselves, provides a support system of friends who’re more like family and is a breeding ground for the professional stage and Eastwood Entertainers members are extremely thankful to their audiences who continue to support them.

The show runs from April 10-14, at 7.30pm each evening and a Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm. Tickets are £14 and £16 and can be bought by phoning Vicki on 07977598608 or through www.eastwoodparktheatre.co.uk.