Do you know Jack? Well you can...

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THERE are so few of the great, Las Vegas-style singers left to us, with the demise of the individual members of the Rat Pack.

But we do still have Jack Jones who, at 75 years of age, is still wowing them old school-style.

The award-winning Wives and Lovers crooner is setting up stall at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall next Thursday (May 23) and is set to display why singers such as he will never go out of fashion.

With his silky-smooth voice — which has been praised by no less than Frank Sinatra — Jack will be sailing through the works of some of the finest songwriters in history.

The son of famous Hollywood actor and singer Allan Jones, young Jack’s career path was pretty much laid out for him.

But fame really came a-knocking when he was spotted in San Francisco by a record producer who was quick to sign Jack to his label.

The singer never turned back since that fortunate meeting and moved on to ever greater success.

A string of hits in his own right and lending his voice to the hits of others has meant Jack Jones is rightly regarded as a bit of a legend.

And the fact that he is still touring when he should long ago have just taken his bus pass and retired shows the stamina of the man.

A must for fans of the old style.

Tickets to see Jack Jones perform are £27.50 and £29.50 from 353 8000.