Defending those who are in need

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TWO years ago a campaign was set up to redress what is perceived to be an imbalance within society which causes unnecessary suffering on those who need help.

The Campaign for a Fair Society has since built on its initial momentum and has drawn in many artistes from the world of music to oppose cuts in benefits for those who most need it.

An evening of entertainment has been organised to support the campaign.

Ivory Blacks is the venue and it will see acts from around Scotland come along — some struggling with their own disabilities.

Among the five to seven performers there will be a range of musical genres ranging from Ayrshire-based acts Jeizuberband and Cheryl Scott and The Age to the Greenock-based Baltimore League whose lead singer, Gregor Keachie, has a learning disability.

The gig is on Friday, June 29 and runs from 7pm till 11.45pm.

Tickets are £10 and available from Tickets Scotland — also available on the door.