Confessions of an Andy man

Kershaw's new book.
Kershaw's new book.

FOR many, the name Andy Kershaw conjures up late night radio and alternative music.

During the 80s, Kershaw was required listening for young folk with an ear for something more substantial than the top 40 played during the day on Radio 1.

A hit with (primarily) students, Kershaw was at one time seen as a natural successor to alternative music icon John Peel.

Somewhat less well known to those who listened in to his shows or watched him introduce bands on The Old Grey Whistle Test and Live Aid is his work as a journalist.

His work in countries such as Iraq, North Korea, Haiti, Angola and Rwanda — the latter during the genocide — has appeared in national titles.

He has also furnished reports for Radio 4’s Today, The World Tonight and From Our Own Correspondent.

Now he’s in Glasgow to promote his new book, No Off Switch, at The Arches in a live interview with journalist Ruth Pitt.

Kershaw will talk about how he promoted gigs at his university and worked as a roadie for Billy Bragg.

This should be an interesting night with a man who has accomplished much.

n Evening with Andy Kershaw is at The Arches on Tuesday, February 28 and tickets are £15.