Community council appeals for new members

The community council AGM will hold its last AGM in Mearns Castle High School this Monday, May 20.
The community council AGM will hold its last AGM in Mearns Castle High School this Monday, May 20.

Broom, Kirkhill and Mearnskirk Community Council (BKMCC) is appealing ahead of its Annual General Meeting for people to come forward and stand for membership.

The committee will be hold what could be its last AGM from 7pm-9pm at Mearns Castle High School this Monday, May 20, at which point its members will stand down, as Community Councils in East Renfrewshire are elected on a four-year cycle with the next round of elections scheduled to take place in August.

Although some of the current members may be willing to stand for re-election, in order for BKMCC to be reformed it requires between 10 and 20 members, all of whom should be residents of each of the three areas it represents - at least four from each of the Broom, Kirkhill and Mearnskirk areas.

A spokesperson said: “There is therefore a pressing need for local residents to come together to work for the betterment of the area in terms of improving the provision of local facilities and in communicating issues and concerns residents may have to East Renfrewshire Council.

“Over the last session BKMCC activity has raised funds for Newton Mearns Community First Responders, communicated with ERC regarding local parking, security, antisocial behaviour, litter, the new Biogas facility at Greenhags recycling centre.

“We also campaigned to reduce the impact of possible flooding induced by the Maidenhill housing development upon both the Shaw Linn and Broom burns, and the proposal to site a new leisure centre in either Broom Park or Shawwood greenspace.

“BKMCC is appealing to local residents to attend the AGM on May 20 and come together to ensure the community council reforms and continues its efforts to make residents aware of developments and issues that may impact on the local community, now and in the future.”

Further details of BKMCC’s activities, and all community councils within ERC, can be found at