Brother and sister host unique tri-abi-thon to raise money for Bloodwise

Rachel and Andrew will take part in the event this weekend.
Rachel and Andrew will take part in the event this weekend.

A brother and sister from Newton Mearns have created their own triathlon to raise money for Bloodwise.

In November 2016 Rachel (10) and Andrew (13) Laidlaw’s cousin, Abigail was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL cancer).

She is currently half way through two and half years of treatment to help her get better, and is now back in school whilst receiving daily chemotherapy along with other medication and still managing to live life as ‘normal’ as possible.

Research meant that Abigail received the best care possible.

Abigail is also now currently part of a trial that is aiming to improve the quality of life whilst receiving treatment as well as improve the prognosis. Research needs to continue to ensure we can beat blood cancers.

To raise money for charity Bloodwise, the youngsters along with their mum and dad, will take part in their own tri-abi-thon.

The family are going to swim ten lengths, cycle 10 miles then walk ten miles round Millport all in 24 hours, this weekend when it’s Abigail’s 7th birthday. The duo have already raised nearly £700.

Proud mum Jennifer said: “It’s great that they are doing this. They wanted to challenge thesemselves and Abigail hasn’t given up because she’s tired and they want to show that they won’t either.

“Bloodwise has supplied them with t shirts and stickers and is thrilled about the event.”

Visit Just Giving to make a donation.