Bring me a dream

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DO you sleep comfortably every night, or are you forever counting sheep? For Kris Haddow, insomnia isn’t just an inconvenience – it’s a way of life.

The budding playwright and performer brings his first comedy 2h:9m:37s to Glasgow this week, and it’s set to be an eye-opener.

The show was written for the Scottish mental health arts and film festival last year, and is now being taken on the road.

The world of the insomniac is viewed through a collection of characters and sketches drawn from Kris’s own experiences – and he’s had plenty of sleepless nights to think about them.

The show is also written in a mixture of English and Lallans Scots, and Kris explained: “It’s a dialect that’s very under-represented in modern writing. It’s brilliant that Robert Burns’ work is still so popular and well-known, but there’s always the danger that it becomes seen as an archaic language – something to be studied and dissected the way Shakespeare is.”.

Catch 2h:9m:37s at the Edwin Morgan studio theatre, Old Sheriff Court, tonight and tomorrow (Thurs/Fri). Performances at 6.45 and 8.30pm. Tickets £6-8 available from 552 4267.