Bitter-sweet tale of alcohol and swinging London

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THE Tron theatre hosts another piece of classic drama with a performance of JP Miller’s Days of Wine and Roses.

In a re-imagining of the 1958 teleplay about how alcohol takes control of the lives of a loving couple, writer Owen McCafferty takes the central characters out of the US and places them in 60s London as a relocated Belfast couple.

And, instead of the husband introducing his wife to the wonders of alcohol, it is Kirsten who succumbs to the guile of swinging London while her spouse happily follows on.

Director Kenny Miller said of the drama: “Belfast wasn’t as we know it now.

“It was still a few steps behind at that time.

“The play deals with the excitement of being thrown into a new life.

“At its roots, it’s about alcohol and persuading another person alcohol is fun.

“However, there is a serious message about how destructive it is on two people who love each other.It’s difficult onstage to keep the emotional journey going.

“It’s very important to immerse yourself in what these people are like and we need to go on the rollercoaster ride with them”.