Back to the drawing board for flightpath proposals

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Glasgow Airport has been told to ‘think again’ as it goes back to the drawing board on proposals to change its flightpaths.

The Airport initially launched a consultation on new flight paths which closed in April, however the Civil Aviation Authority would go on to alter the rules on how the proposal could be taken forward.

The original proposals included directing flights over the village of Uplawmoor, and were met with outrage from the local community.

Glasgow Airport has now confirmed it must start the consultation process all over again, and intends to do so towards the end of 2019.

Paul Masterton MP for East Renfrewshire wrote to all residents in Uplawmoor advising them to object to the original consultation, and met with Glasgow Airport, the CAA and the UK Government Transport Minister to discuss concerns.

He welcomed the Airport’s decision to assess previous feedback before launching into a new consultation and thanked Uplawmoor Community Council for their hard work in bringing residents together to fight the proposal.

Mr Masterton continued: “I’d like to first say thanks to everyone in Uplawmoor and particularly the Uplawmoor Community Council for their efforts in making the strength of opposition to the original proposal known.

As Glasgow Airport go away to design a new consultation it is vital that we are ready to again make the case if needed that the peaceful way of life enjoyed in Uplawmoor would be devasted by routing planes so low overhead.

The Airport promised to take all previous feedback on board, and I hope that means they will think again, see sense and scrap completely the plans so rightly opposed by the people of Uplawmoor first time round.”