Back to basics

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IT’S obviously a good time for those of a certain generation.

We not only have Magazine making a comeback but three other 1970s bands are heading for Glasgow too.

The O2 academy on Eglinton Street is the place to find the one and only Motorhead who are touring with the Anti-Nowhere League and the UK Subs, appearing there on Saturday.

Lemmy has obviously missed the road and has taken time out from promoting a particular brand of alcohol to do what he does best — play rock music loud and hard.

Although his two sidekicks have changed since the band’s inception in 1975, it was always Lemmy’s band and only the diehard fan would notice the changes.

Acolytes will be on the look-out for hits from Motorhead’s albums such as Overkill, Bomber, No Sleep ‘til Hammersmith and, of course, Ace of Spades.

The latter album released into the world the anthemic title track which has people the world over nodding their heads vigorously while holding aloft their index and pinky fingers.

Lemmy and his troupe are joined by the UK Subs — a band which was formed in the early days of Punk in 1976.

A favourite on the John Peel sessions, UK Subs found fame with hit singles Warhead, Teenage and Tomorrow’s Girls.

Making up the numbers is a band who missed the Punk movement entirely.The Anti-Nowhere League were formed in 1980 when almost all the Punk bands had broken up or were exploring other musical sounds.