Antique roadshow

A MUCH-LOVED comedy sketch show has been transformed into a hit musical – and it’s coming to Glasgow/the westend.

The Acorn Antiques episodes of Victoria Wood As Seen On TV was a highlight of the comedy show and proved to be a favourite with fans.

Now Eaglesham actress Margot Trayner is set to fill the shoes vacated by Julie Walters when the musical version of the show comes to the westend’s Cottier Theatre.

She’ll take on the part of the much-loved Mrs Overall.

Margot explained: “Acorn Antiques began as a sketch in Victoria Wood As Seen On TV and became something of a cult hit.

“Based on the dodgy soaps of the era it took the poor acting, fluffed dialogue and shaky sets of shows like Crossroads and turned them into comedy gold.

“The show has now been turned into a full-scale musical with an all-new storyline, but still with all our favourite characters such as Miss Babs, Miss Berta and, of course, Mrs Overall”.

The musical follows antique shop owner Miss Babs’ struggle to keep her business open as shop after shop on the High Street is forced out by faceless chains.

So many questions to be answered during this fun evening out.

Can Miss Babs afford to turn down the offer from The Guilty Bean and, if they do update the shop, can they still afford to employ Mrs Overall?

And will Mr Clifford ever get his memory back and remember who he’s engaged to?

And, most worryingly, will Mrs Overall be able to tap dance while holding the tray?

Margot is no stranger to to the stage having played lead roles in a host of musicals such as Chicago, Hello Dolly and Mack and Mabel.

But the actress admits that the role of the hapless housemaid, Mrs O, was quite daunting.

She said: It’s a bit scary to be playing such a cult figure.

“She’s quite an extreme character to say the least – but I’m determined that fans of the original show see the Mrs O they know and love”.

Acorn Antiques is on at the Cottier Theatre from November 1 to 5.

Ticket cost £15 and are available from the ticket hotline: 0141 563 9655.