All the fun of the fair

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JANUARY blues may be looming and the tree needs to come down — but over at the SECC, the festive fun continues.

Now an annual staple in Glasgow’s Christmas calendar, the Irn Bru carnival is in full swing...and twist, and turn, and bob, and spin.

IRN-BRU Carnival for the Events section in the Christmas supplement.

IRN-BRU Carnival for the Events section in the Christmas supplement.

The fairground lights remain lit until Sunday, January 13, leaving plenty of time to grab some cotton candy and hit the waltzers.

Rides are divided into three sections — thrill, family and kids — and this year, there are plenty in each to occupy the young and the young at heart alike.

Thrill-seekers can take their pick from the Extreme, Speed Buzz, Frisbee, Experience Miami and Midnight Express Matterhorn, to name a few.

There are all the usual suspects in the family category too: dodgems, ghost train, Dropzone and the Big Apple Coaster, and an old favourite, the carousel.

And for little carnival-goers, there’s a Mini Miami (just like the thrill ride, but designed for younger kids), cups and saucers, a haunted house, helter skelter and trampolines.

No trip to the carnival would be complete without the chance to win a prize, and Irn Bru’s festive fair has it covered, with all the traditional games stalls you’d expect (hook a duck, anyone?)

If you’re the superstitious type, and want to know what 2013 will bring, there’s always a fortune teller on hand, and — proving that all ages are welcome — there’s even a spot of bingo on the go for grandparents.

The Irn Bru carnival works by a voucher system, so an entry price of £12 includes 10 vouchers, and extra vouchers can be purchased in the hall.

Under threes are allowed in for free, although they’ll still need vouchers to take advantage of the rides, and some attractions are paid for separately.

Whether the kids are fed up with their new toys already, or you’re just in search of a fun family day out — it’s all happening at the SECC.

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