A pure Glaswegian panto

Mister Merlin: A Pure Magic Panto
Mister Merlin: A Pure Magic Panto

CHRISTMAS panto enthusiasts will know that a little bit of local character works wonders with the it’s behind you crowd.

We’ve previewed it all here at Live, from Scrooge buying smash for gold, to the Krankies stowing away with Robinson Crusoe.

But our last edition before Christmas goes to Mister Merlin: A Pure Magic Panto – which does everything it says on the tin.

This show is as Glaswegian as they come, with characters including the Govan Fairy and our dastardly villain, the Great Bahooky.

The title character, a descendant of that other famous wizard, may not have natural abilities with magic, but his wand – a family heirloom passed down the generations – sees him through.

However the Great Bahooky’s magic has always been mince, so stealing Mister Merlin’s wand, aided by a bumbling side-kick (named – what else – Bumble) is his best chance at world domination.

In steps Merlin’s own guardian angels, the ‘Weegie fairy from beside the Clyde and two plucky puppets, all willing to scale the heights of Clabber Castle to retrieve the wand.

Last performed in 1989, the show may be the last for the Tron theatre, which is currently running a campaign to save future pantos after losing its corporate sponsor.

Needed is £20,000 a year – so let’s hope this pure magic one can encourage someone to save the day.

Meanwhile, for panto aficionados, Scottish Ballet has rounded up a few faces from the city’s biggest shows this year for a dating agency site with a difference.

Tutu’s Company is especially for lonely panto characters (the Great Bahooky is already listed) – but word on the street is that a match is expected soon.

You can watch all the drama at www.scottishballet.co.uk.

Mister Merlin: A Pure Magic Panto is on at the Tron until December 31. Times vary, and tickets start at £8, available from 552 4267 or www.tron.co.uk.