A power play. . .

Scots actor Cumming as Macbeth.
Scots actor Cumming as Macbeth.

HAVING claimed international fame with tour after tour of Black Watch, the National Theatre of Scotland has a new crowd-pleaser up its sleeves.

Theatre fans will know all about it, as from its high profile star to Twitter games involving its poster, it certainly has been the production on everyone’s lips.

The play in question is, of course, Macbeth — or rather, an inventive re-imagining of the Shakespearean classic, and a homecoming vehicle for Scottish actor Alan Cumming.

Directed by Black Watch man John Tiffany, the action takes place in a psychiatric unit, centred on a single patient reliving the story of Macbeth among CCTV camera and walls which watch his every move.

The Scottish play is given twists and turns of desire, ambition and the supernatural — and it’s an exciting, long-term project for its biggest star.

Alan Cumming commented: “I’ve been obsessed with Macbeth for as long as I can remember. It was the first Shakespeare I ever read, the first I was ever in and it continues to haunt and inspire me.

“The only thing I can think of more exciting, challenging and terrifying than this play is to do a one-man version of it with these great directors and this great company, and to perform it in my two favourite cities in the world”.

Yes, it seems that Glasgow (and in particular, the southside) can claim fame if the show makes it big — it is, after all, premiering here before moving on to New York.

The city seems to have taken this honour to heart.

A tweet from Alan Cumming, standing beside a poster of himself and tagged awkward moment has spawned lots of copycat posts under the tag #memebeth.

Whether you’re planning your own #memebeth as you read this (the subway appears to be a good bet) or wondering where the witches come in at a pysch ward setting — it’s sure to be a show to catch first time round.

Macbeth is on at Tramway from June 13-30, running Tues-Sat, 7.30pm, with matinees each Sunday (and Saturday the 23rd) at 2.30pm. Tickets £10-20 – more info available at www.tramway.org.