A peep at the southside’s past

Townshouse Cross from the 1950's
Townshouse Cross from the 1950's

Who can remember Townshouse Cross from the 50’s?

Shawhill Road is off to the right & Greenview Street is at the centre.

Note again the sign with the arrow on the lamp post pointing up Shawhill Road to the second police office.

Morning rolls were produced in Hogg’s bakery which was originally at the rear of the back green behind the low buildings on the right.

The bakery was accessed through a close near the corner, then in the late 1940s it moved to premises at the corner of Riverford Road and Shawbridge Street.

Morning rolls were baked in the evenings, and our correspondent remembers cycling with a group of friends from Pollok in summer, first to one and then the other establishment, to wait for the trays to be drawn from the oven with the hot rolls, crisp and dark, to buy half a dozen and dash home as fast as possible and eat the lot, still warm with the butter running through. Mmmmm.