A Handy reminder of classic tales re-imagined

Parahandy Production Eden Court Sept 2011
Parahandy Production Eden Court Sept 2011

OUT of a dim and distant past comes a reimagining of an old, Scottish comedy favourite.

The tales of the crew of The Vital Spark split the sides of many Scots when TV series were aired in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

The stories upon which the TV series and this adaptation were written by journalist Neil Munro back in 1906 for Glasgow’s now-defunct Evening News.

Now a new stage production is set to have audiences rolling in the aisles.

Para Handy — A Voyage Round the Stories of Neil Munro has been adapted and directed by noted Scottish actor John Bett.

This 21st century retelling of the adventures of Para, his mate Dougie, engineer Macphail and cabin-boy Sunny Jim ports at the Theatre Royal as part of a Scottish tour.

Taking the role of the eponymous captain is Inverness lad Jimmy Chisolm.

Brimming with wit and charm, the play invokes the lost world of the River Clyde in its heyday.

Para Handy is at the Theatre Royal from October 4 to 8. Ticket prices vary.