A chip off the old Blockhead.

Baxter Dury
Baxter Dury
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THERE’S some indie heaven for those who frequent the Arches.

Singer/songwriter Baxter Dury will be settling in for a gig in the city centre venue.

Some may know Baxter’s work, some may not.

However, unless your on a recent trip from you homeworld of Alpha Centauri, you’ll have heard of his dad – none other than Ian Dury.

Yes, the immensely-talented former frontman of the Blockheads is sadly no longer with us, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Baxter’s first hint of fame came as a six-year-old gracing the front cover of his dad’s début album, New Boots and Panties.

Always musical, Baxter released his first album two years after his father’s death in 2000.

He followed this with a second release, Floor Show, in 2005.

Last summer, his third album was aired, Happy Soup, alongside a sweetly-understated indie-pop single, Claire.

His spoken-word narratives – mumbled observations on topics from drugs folklore and party characters to women, loneliness and love – show off a dry, lyrical talent which, whilst sharing enough of a similarity to his father’s style to justify the comparison, is still staunchly individual, superbly rendered on older classics such as Cocaine Man as well as new singles such as Isabel.

Showing off a Graham Coxon-esque, Cockney bounce and punk-funk sway, his live shows capture the charisma of the man.

Baxter Dury plays the Arches on Tuesday, February 21.

The ticket and meal deal is available for this show at £8.95.