3rd Netherlee Brownies step into new task

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The 3rd Netherlee Brownies started the new 2018/9 session by putting their best foot forward.

The girls were tasked to draw round one of their feet and then use the template to link their recent summer holiday adventures with the new Girl Guiding ones that have just been announced.

Leader Jane Cowan said: “There was lots of giggling and running around shouting smelly socks.

“Girl Guiding has a whole fresh new programme where they are looking at modern issue and ideas.

“The principle of Girl Guiding remains the same of course but how we look at them is now through the eyes of the twenty first century.

“It really is such an exciting time to be part of Girl Guiding. It is also a privilege and fun to lead the girls through the new programme which has everything from Mindfulness to Digital Design and everything in between.”

Girl Guiding is the UK’s leading charity for girls and young women.

If you want to get involved, visit Girl Guilding