Slimming consultant helps others achieve their dream

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Not only has Slimming World helped local consultant lose over two stone in just four months, but Kirsty was so passionate about the plan that she become a Slimming World Consultant to help other members achieve their dream weight, and put an end to yo yo dieting.

A mum of three, Kirsty reached target in November 2016, and signed up to become a consultant a year later. During 2018 she has helped members lose a staggering 197 stone and 9.5lbs.

Many members relate to her years of trying all sorts of fad diets, before discover Slimming World.

The food optimising fits easily into family life, including all the usual dishes like spaghetti Bolognese, chilli, macaroni cheese and many more.

The element of the plan which changed Kirsty’s attitude around food was just how much you could eat, and still lose with, without ever feeling hungry.

Kirsty said: “I felt extremely unfit, and always wore baggy tops hiding the extra tyres, but after returning from two weeks holiday, I decided I needed to make a change for good, and refused to buy new clothes, as my current wardrobe was just too tight.

“I felt very nervous walking into group, but the welcome I received was warm and assuring, and I want all my members to feel that same understanding and support from day one.

“The support I received week after week, from the consultant and the members, by staying for group each week, made me make my time ag group a time for me, to learn and educate myself about healthy cooking.”

“By making the right choices, I have managed to remain at target, and enjoy wearing more flattering clothes.

“I have always been sporty, but have far more energy, helping me move around a badminton court with more ease.”

Kirsty now runs three sessions at Broom Parish Church, Mearns Road, 9.30am, 11.30am & 7.30pm, and looks forward to welcoming new or returning members embrace just how amazing the Slimming World Plan is.