Mesh implant report branded a ‘whitewash’

MSP brands report a whitewash.
MSP brands report a whitewash.

The Scottish Conservatives have described the Scottish Government Report into mesh implants as a “whitewash”.

This was after the report claimed the procedure was an appropriate one for women despite the many cases of severe suffering it has caused.

The condemnation came after several sufferers and an expert clinician resigned from the review as they were concerned about evidence being buried.

Jackson Carlaw, Eastwood MSP and Scottish Conservative deputy leader, said: “This final publicationbears little if any resemblance to the interim review published last year, and it is now clear why some of those involved felt that they had to resign from the review.

“It is a whitewash of the damning evidence that was received by the Parliament, and is a disservice to the many women who are still suffering as a result of these implants.

“It is certainly not a justification for lifting the suspension on mesh implants, and we need to ensure the procedures are still banned until further evidence is taken.

“What is especially disappointing is that the SNP has chosen to hide the publication of this report in the final day before recess amongst a string of other announcements.

He added: “The SNP seems to be determined to bury bad news rather than allow parliament to properly scrutinise this report.”

Elaine Holmes, of the Scottish Mesh Survivors campaign group, said: “Scottish Mesh Survivors feel badly let down with this report.

“It is not transparent or consistent with the previously agreed interim report.

“It is misleading and leaves women and clinicians who are looking to it for guidance, open to possible harm – it’s shameful.

“The Cabinet Secretary, Shona Robison, said she listened to us – clearly she did not hear our voice”.