Dawn’s a winner at losing game

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While most people would be offended to be called a ‘loser’, one lady from Langside is over the moon call herself that as she has hit her Dream Target Weight.

Dawn Campbell (30) who’s gone from 15st 5lbs to 10st 5lbs, joined the Langside group, which is run by Fiona Mair in May 2016.

She said: “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a loser when it feels this good!

“I feel like a new woman since losing weight – in fact, I look so different that people who I haven’t seen for a while often can’t believe I’m the same person. For me though it’s the change on the inside that’s been the greatest – I’m happier, healthier and much more confident now.”

“Before I lost the weight I hated having my photo taken and whenever I saw pictures of myself I just didn’t recognize myself. My weight impacted on so many aspects of my life, from struggling to find clothes that I like to fit to feeling unfit on even short walks.”

Dawn’s weight was also putting a strain on her health, having suffered long term back problems caused by an injury in her teens. People who are severely overweight, with a BMI above 30, are more likely to suffer from health problems like coronary heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and cancer, and obesity is linked to a reduction in life expectancy of between seven and nine years.

After seeing the Slimming World Banner displayed outside the venue, Dawn decided to join her local Slimming World group at Glasgow Indoor Bowling Club.

Dawn continued: “Walking through those doors was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, I was embarrassed and worried about being judged for being overweight. I needn’t have worried though, everyone there was so friendly especially my Consultant Fiona and I was so relieved when I found out that my weight was confidential between me and her – I’d had visions of having to tell everyone how much I weighed!

“Since then I’ve made so many friends at the group and I honestly don’t think I could have done it without their support each week. They helped me with recipes and tips and if I was ever struggling they were always there to remind me why I’d wanted to lose weight in the first place and how far I’d come since first stepping through the doors. Fiona has always been on hand to help keep me on track.”

Dawn followed the club’s Food Optimising eating plan and swapped microwave meals for home-cooked, healthier alternatives.

She said: “People think slimming means going hungry, eating nothing but salad or obsessively counting every calorie you eat, but it’s not like that at all at Slimming World. I still get to enjoy food and it’s never once felt like I was on ‘a diet’ – in fact, people are always surprised at how much food I have on my plate and can’t believe I’m losing weight eating so much delicious food and without ever feeling hungry.

“I still enjoy all my favourite meals like burgers and chips and roast dinners but I’ve learned how to make small changes like using lean meat or cooking with low calorie spray instead of oil or butter. I know that I haven’t ‘gone on a diet’, this is a change that I’ve made for life and have the tools I need to keep up forever.

“I recognise myself in the mirror now!”

Today Dawn’s lost a total of 5st and gone from a size 18 to a size 10. She’s also more active nowadays with a passion for running, having taken part in several 10km and half marathon races.

Fiona, who runs the Langside Slimming World group, said: “The changes we’ve seen in Dawn are incredible. I hope her success will inspire other people in Glasgow who’d like to lose weight by forming new lifestyle habits and become happier and healthier to take action.

“There’s a warm welcome waiting at Slimming World and, just think, if you start today you could feel like a completely new person just like Dawn.

The Langside group meets every Monday at 5.30 & 7.30 pm at Glasgow Indoor Bowling Club.

To join call Fiona on 07969 132 644 or pop along. For further information please contact Fiona Mair on 07969 132 644 or Fiona.mair@blueyonder.co.uk.