Charity romps past a huge milestone

Russell MacMillan. founder of charity ERGC. 'Picture by Chris James
Russell MacMillan. founder of charity ERGC. 'Picture by Chris James

Local charity East Renfrewshire Good Causes (ERGC) has passed yet another incredible milestone, by smashing the £600,000 figure in donations.

Accounts to the end of March show the charity has raised and distributed just over £300,000 and a further £300,000 valuation of top quality donated goods and services combining to the £600,000 figure helping over 1600 individual residents within East Renfrewshire.

The charity, set up in 2007 by Russell Macmillan following the life saving pancreas/kidney transplant that cured his type 1 diabetes and kidney failure, was simply his way of giving something back in keeping with his Christian beliefs.

The operation cost the NHS £70,000 so Russells initial aim was to raise and distribute £100,000 as his way of repaying his self-imposed debt to society.

Russell said: “The charity is based within East Ren and aims to try and plug the gaps where genuine needs existed, but the statutory sector were not able to provide the necessary goods and services to fulfil those needs. And it appears we struck the right chord with the level of support we have received over the years.”