Campaign focus on dangers of drink

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Drinkaware took its campaign to raise awareness of the dangers associated with consuming too much alcohol to ASDA, Newton Mearns.

The event which took place on Friday, January 13 saw the alchol charity set-up at the store to give customers the opportunity to access friendly advice and to ask questions.

Kirsten Oswald MP with the Drinkaware team

Kirsten Oswald MP with the Drinkaware team

Participants were encouraged to complete a quick alcohol assessment using Drinkaware scratch cards and can take home a free alcohol unit measuring cup and calorie wheel.

There was also specific help for parents on how to speak to their kids about alcohol and how to answer the difficult questions that children can ask.

A long-standing partner of Asda, Drinkaware provides consumers with honest information, advice and tips to help them make informed decisions about alcohol.

Chris Lowe, senior director for Corporate Affairs at Asda, said: “Working with Drinkaware is central to our role as a responsible retailer of alcohol and this new project aims to provide impartial, evidence-based information and practical resources in a non-judgmental, engaging and fun environment.

“Our customer insight shows that a lot of shoppers think about their health in January and look for ways to cut back on their alcohol consumption after the festive period.

“We are pleased to be hosting Drinkaware trained colleagues in store offering accessible, friendly advice to customers.”

Elaine Hindal, chief executive Drinkaware, said: “Understanding your alcohol intake can be confusing which is why we have produced a series of scratch-cards to help present clear information, in a simple, non-judgemental manner.

“This January we are spreading the word about how having just a little less alcohol can help people stay healthy and we hope the information we present can help people make better choices about their drinking.”

MSP Jackson Carlaw and MP Kirsten Oswald visited the the store as part of the event.

Kirsten said: “It was useful to attend the Drinkaware event at ASDA Newton Mearns, and it was positive to see so many shoppers take a moment to stop and speak to the advisors.

“The team was encouraging people to think about how many units of alcohol they drink per week and suggesting healthier options, which is particularly timely in January, when many people are giving some thought to leading a healthier life.

“Drinkaware perform a welcome and important role, and I am pleased to see them here in East Renfrewshire.”

Eastwood MSP, Jackson Carlaw said: “Drinkaware is rightly engaging with the public to help change perceptions of what is a healthy amount to drink.

“New Year resolutions come and go but ensuring that you are not over the drink drive limit may well save you from spending a night in the cells.”