Bella will soon have her new bed

Bella's mum is delighted her daughter is now safe at night.
Bella's mum is delighted her daughter is now safe at night.

A three-year-old from Oatlands will soon be able to sleep safely at night thanks to the provision of a specialist bed from a charity.

Little Bella Campbell lives with her parents Kirsty Gaughan and Steven Campbell and her six-year-old sister Miley.

She struggles to speak, has sensory issues which cause her to feel quite overwhelmed by the world around her, a fascination with water and no awareness of danger. She is also being assessed for pica, a condition characterised by eating non-food items.

Specialist charity Newlife, working in partnership with Marks and Spencer will soon be delivering a permanent specialist bed.

Bella struggles to sleep and takes hours to settle, often only sleeping for a few hours at a time. When she is awake she loves to climb and has fallen over the side of her cot in the night and injured herself. However, with no funding available from local statutory services Bella’s parents turned to Newlife charity for help.

Recognising the urgency of the situation, Newlife provided the loan of a safe sleeping environment for Bella while they sought to find a permanent solution. Bella’s nursery, TASK Childcare, raised £1,165 and a further £4,368 was donated from fundraising by Amanda Robertson who had originally been fundraising for a specialist bed for her granddaughter Amy.

Now a partnership between Newlife and Marks & Spencer is providing the outstanding amount so Bella won’t come to any harm through the night.

Desperate to keep Bella safe, her parents put her in a travel cot in their room at night so they could watch over her, but this meant they got very little sleep themselves.

Bella’s mum, Kirsty, said: “The loan bed has been brilliant. Before, she would climb out of her cot and I was always scared she would fall and hurt herself, or get downstairs and eat something she shouldn’t. I didn’t sleep at all; it just kept going through my head what could happen – it was horrible.

“Because of the loan bed Bella was able to go back into her own bedroom, which is a lot better for all of us.”

As well as keeping Bella safe from harm, the safe sleeping environment, called a SafeSpace, is a low sensory environment which help keep Bella calm and relaxed enough to go back to sleep when she wakes.