A stroll in the park for Cancer Research and Slimming World

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Champion slimmers from local Slimming World Groups raised money and awareness by stepping out for Cancer Research recently.

Local groups and their members met on Sunday September 2, at Rouken Glen Park, to raise money for Cancer Research.

Together with their friends and families they took part in the ‘Walk All Over Cancer with Slimming World’ campaign where slimmers across the UK were sponsored to hit a self-selected step target.

Gathering all the local Slimming World members together, with face painting for the kids and refreshment supplied by a Glasgow-based construction company Project Management & Construction Ltd, a fantastic atmosphere was achieved to raise money for the charity and celebrate the event, walking 5K, an achievement many would not have dreamed possible before losing weight.

One member said: “Before finding Slimming World I barely had the energy to go about my day, let alone go for a walk, and at times felt trapped inside my body, I would never have thought I could do something like this.

“Slimming World helped me break free, from those shackles that were holding me back from living a normal life.

“I walked through the doors of my group, and was made to feel so welcome and knew at that point everything would change with the help and support of Slimming World.”

Those who took part, enjoyed lots of talking, laughing, and having fun, as well as raising vital funds for the charity, but also aimed to raise awareness of the fact that keeping a healthy weight can reduce the risk of developing many different types of cancers.

Kirsty, a Slimming World consultant said: “In our groups we encourage members to talk about easy and enjoyable ways to increase activity into their everyday life, and they soon realise just how much more can be achieved with only a little effort.

“Parking the car a little further way and walking, taking the stairs instead of the lift, but small steps, depending on each member’s ability.”

Slimming World is sure the members will inspire others to improve their health, while also raising awareness of the link between obesity and cancer.

There are many groups in the area and local groups to suit can be found by visiting the website Slimming World