Share your views on childcare hours

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Residents in East Refrewshire are being urged to have their say regarding childcare hours.

As part of the council’s plans to put in place the additional infrastructure and staffing necessary to meet the new requirement of providing 1140 hours of free childcare by 2020, it wants your views on the matter.

The Scottish Government is planning to expand Early Learning and Childcare from 600 hours to 1140 hours per year.

This equates to 30 hours a week of free Early Learning and Childcare for all families with children aged between three and four-years-old and eligible two-year-olds.

These extra hours will be in place by 2020.

It is planned that families will have choice and flexibility with how they access these hours, including whether they use their entire child’s funded entitlement during school term or chose to spread it throughout the year.

To have your say on the changes to childcare hours, log on to the survey here.