East Renfrewshire school application process goes digital

Parents applying for primary one places at East Renfrewshire schools will be able to submit their application online for the first time this year.

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 11:00 am

An online form has been created to provide a more modern and effective method for parents and carers to submit applications.

Supporting documents required as part of the process still need to be produced at each individual school during P1 Applications Week, and this should be done from Monday, January 14 until Friday, January 18 2019 between 1.45pm and 3.30pm at the local school.

Once the online process is live, which will be publicised in advance, parents and carers of children who will be five-years-old between March 2019 and February 2020 should apply to enrol in either the local denominational or non-denominational school at this time.

The online application process will close at 4pm on Friday, January 11, thereafter applications must be made entirely at schools during P1 Applications Week.

It is important that an application is made for residents’ preferred local catchment area school in the first instance, even if you plan to make a placing request or to defer the place for another year. We would ask you to apply for the local catchment school, even if they will be educated privately or intend to defer your child’s P1 enrolment until August 2020.

Families who are applying for a place at a Roman Catholic school in the area are required to produce a baptismal certificate due to high demand. Priority is given to Roman Catholic baptised children if they live in the school catchment area and if there is an oversubscription of catchment applications; those of a different or no faith will be offered a place in their local non-denominational catchment school.

The documents required to be brought along to individual schools in order to complete the application process are:

· Child’s birth certificate

· Current Council Tax notice

· Roman Catholic baptismal certificate (if applicable)

· Mortgage statement or rental agreement for a period of at least one year

· Child benefit statement

· Driving licence, utility bill or bank statement can also be accepted if no longer in receipt of child benefit

Councillor Paul O’Kane, Convener for Education and Equalities said: “We know that family life can be extremely busy, so we’re delighted that this year applications can be submitted online. It will allow parents to fill out the application form at a time which is appropriate to them and will reduce time when they submit documents to the school during P1 Applications Week.

“It is exciting to be starting the process for welcoming the next generation of pupils to our fantastic schools and I wish them well when it comes to getting their education journey in East Renfrewshire under way.”

Whilst the online process will be used by many, paper applications can also be made at catchment schools during Monday, January 14 until Friday, January 18 between 1.45pm and 3.30pm, for those unable to apply online, and supporting documents should be provided at this time too.

Once all applications for pupils wishing to enrol at their local catchment schools have been received and processed, parents will receive written confirmation at the end of March advising of their child’s place.

While most children attend their local school, parents can choose to apply for a place in another school through a placing request.

Placing requests for the session beginning in August 2019 must be submitted by January 31. Placing request applications will be processed and responded to by the end of April.

Visit placing requests for more information.

If you have a query about your catchment area or school, please contact the education department on 0141 577 3246.