Caring Thornliebank kids reach out to world leaders

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Pupils at St Vincent’s Primary are out to change the world, with help from their local MP.

The Thornliebank school recently took part in a global campaign, Send My Friend To School, highlighting that more than 58 million children across the world have no access to education.

Teacher Gerry Coyle told The Extra: “Students produced 2D ‘world leaders’ each carrying a slogan beginning “If I were a world leader, I would...”

“The pledges included training more teachers, building more schools and providing free education for all.

“Students then invited their local MP for Glasgow South, Mr Stewart McDonald, into school for an assembly, during which they highlighted that Scotland - although a relatively small country with a population of only five million — has, through education, had an enormous impact on the way the world works.

“They asked: what benefits could another 58 million students bring if they had access to education?”

Mr McDonald promised to deliver a petition from St Vincent’s pupils to the Prime Minister.

He commented: “I was so pleased to visit St Vincent’s and see the great work that’s being done in the school. The fact that so many children in the world do not have access to basic education is one of the great scandals of our time yet it is one which is often overlooked.

“I am so encouraged to see local children in the constituency putting this at the heart of their international vision. I am proud to represent such a proactive and positive group of global citizens and have no doubt that they will go on to achieve great things.”