We say cheers to this East Renfrewshire partnership

Broomburn Wines' Caroline Hunter takes a Peach and Prosecco taster
Broomburn Wines' Caroline Hunter takes a Peach and Prosecco taster

Since it opened eight years ago Broomburn Wines has won widespread recognition throughout East Renfrewshire for its extensive and eclectic range of wines, spirits and soft drinks.

Now the independent retail outlet on Broomburn Drive has introduced a new way to say ‘cheers’ by stocking locally made Peach and Prosecco sorbet made by Thorntonhall Farmhouse – available in sealed tubs to over 18s only as the alcohol volume is 11 per cent.

Manageress Caroline Hunter, said: “I knew there was demand for quality ice cream in the area but wanted to source a local supplier with a low carbon footprint – and that led me to Thorntonhall Farmhouse,” says the shop.

“I was impressed by the quality and choice of ice cream, frozen yoghurts and sorbets, particularly when I discovered the farm had just perfected a Peach and Prosecco variety – it seemed like a perfect match.”

Ice cream aficionados now have a choice of varieties that include Scottish Tablet, Tiramisu, and Salted Caramel, in addition to Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla, plus Mango Sorbet and a wonderfully refreshing Raspberry and Passion fruit frozen yoghurt made with skimmed milk and fat-free yoghurt containing live cultures – all available in tubs or cones.

Caroline adds: “Earlier this year we installed an old-fashioned pop-corn machine to serve up fresh, air-popped pop-corn, a popular buy for home movie nights – and now we have ice cream and frozen ‘drinks’ for all the family.”