Plans set out vision for Clarkston

Artist's rendering of potential new layout in Clarkston
Artist's rendering of potential new layout in Clarkston

A vision to improve Clarkston Town Centre, including creating increased public space and a café culture with more greenery, is being progressed by East Renfrewshire Council.

As part of the Clarkston: Your Town initiative suggestions were put forward by local residents, businesses and community groups in a series of workshops held in September seeking ideas on their priorities for changing and improving the town centre.

The final action plan is still being concluded, and one of the options under consideration is to trial a new street layout on Busby Road next year.

This could involve widening the pavements temporarily to enable the council to assess whether could provide positive benefits for the vibrancy and economy within town centre. The proposed new layout would be assessed on an ongoing basis before any decision was made on whether to make any changes permanent.

The council is also considering how to improve accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists with the overall aim of allowing easier access to both the town centre and to nearby green spaces such as Overlee Park, Busby Glen and possibly linking to Greenbank House.

East Renfrewshire convener for infrastructure and sustainable growth, Councillor Tony Buchanan, said: “We had a fantastic response from our community. Thanks to everyone who got involved and put forward their views on Clarkston.

“Your input and suggestions were invaluable about making positive changes to the town, from huge ambitions to small improvements. By working together we can make Clarkston an even better place to live, work and visit.”

The council anticipate that the final plans should be ready to unveil by next week and that members of the public can view these at council HQ or online.