Make a resolution to have a financial check-up

Having control of your finances gives you peace of mind.
Having control of your finances gives you peace of mind.

Almost half of people in Glasgow run our of money part way through the month as they struggle financially.

This is according to new research from which revealed that the city has a higher than average about of ‘JAMs’ – people who just about manage.

This is the social economic group the Government pledged to help in the recent Autumn Statement.

Whilst there is no clear definition, these families tend to have at least one person working in the household and ‘just about manage’ financially each month on an income of between £12,000 to £34,000.

Hannah Maundrell, editor-in-chief at, said: “For many people just about managing is the harsh reality of only just having enough cash coming in to cover essential bills.

“For others, it could simply be a case of poor money management.

“It’s fair to say no one ever feels they have ‘enough’ money but living life in the red is both distressing and soul destroying as you never really feel you’re getting anywhere. Being in control of your finances is key for peace of mind.

“If you only make one resolution for 2017, promise yourself you’ll give yourself a financial check up and take control of your cash.”

Hannah added: “If you think of it as giving yourself a pay rise, spending an hour or two giving your finances some TLC seems a whole lot more appealing.”