Glasgow City Region City Deal helps East Renfrewshire businesses share £33m boost

Construction for Greenlaw Business Centre in Newton Mearns is now complete
Construction for Greenlaw Business Centre in Newton Mearns is now complete

Businesses in East Renfrewshire, and across Glasgow City Region, have benefitted from a £33 million boost since the Glasgow City Region City Deal was agreed.

Significant progress has been made in delivering tangible benefits through the UK and Scottish Government funded £1.13 billion City Deal - one of the largest and most advanced in the UK.

With £33m worth of City Deal contracts won to date by companies across the Region and over £300 million of funding agreed so far for spend on infrastructure works, further contract opportunities are also in the pipeline.

Councillor Tony Buchanan, Leader of East Renfrewshire Council and holder of the Infrastructure portfolio for Glasgow City Region, said: “As we approach the first five year milestone of the City Deal, there is a real sense of progress and momentum. In East Renfrewshire, City Deal investment has already supported business opportunities and job creation with the construction of new commercial units at Crossmill Business Park in Barrhead and a new business centre at Greenlaw in Newton Mearns, set to open soon. Ambitious future plans are under way to improve the road network between Barrhead, Newton Mearns and the M77, create a new train station in Barrhead and enhance tourism at Dams to Darnley Country Park. Real tangible benefits have been achieved, not only in the delivery and impact of the infrastructure projects, but through the resulting closer collaboration between the local authorities and our utility and infrastructure partners, maximising economic benefits for the region’s 1.8 million residents.”

Construction work which is currently underway and the three completed Employment and Skills projects have created thousands of new jobs, including for those furthest away from the jobs market and for young people. Three Innovation and Business Growth projects, now up and running, are also creating jobs, supporting local businesses and have already generated over £10 million in private sector investment.

All 27 high level projects have been selected, most of which are underway and a number are already completed. At the end of June 2019, over £168 million has been spent on the Infrastructure Programme.

Projects that have completed so far are Medicity, Tontine, Cathkin Relief Road, Glasgow University Imaging Centre of Excellence, Youth Gateway, Working Matters and In Work Progression.

The completed sub-projects are Crossmill Business Park, Newton Farm Primary School, Sighthill Remediation Contract 1, Newton Park and Ride, Glenboig Link Road, Sauchiehall Avenue, Woodhead Primary School Extension, Calton Barras Action Plan: Barras Public Realm Phase 1.

UK Government Minister Colin Clark said: “The Glasgow City Region City deal is a fantastic example of the Growth Deals programme, which continues to bring economic transformation to the area through innovation and growth as well as key infrastructure projects. I am pleased to see that these projects are supporting Glasgow and the surrounding area’s businesses, creating thousands of jobs and attracting further private sector investment. The UK Government has already committed almost £1.4 billion to City Region and Growth deals in Scotland, with more to come.”

Scottish Government Infrastructure Secretary Michael Matheson said: “The Scottish Government’s investment in the Glasgow City Region Deal continues to stimulate inclusive economic growth, with millions of pounds strategically invested in the local economy in ways that will directly benefit both local businesses and some of our most deprived communities. I am delighted that the regional partners’ have also committed to an ambitious Regional Economic Strategy and Skills Investment Plan that will ensure they continue to work together, above and beyond delivering the Deal, in order to improve prosperity for all communities across the City Region.

“The Scottish Government will ensure that all of Scotland’s regions benefit from a Growth Deal, with over £1.8 billion having been committed to City and Growth Deals, and associated regional investments, across Scotland to date.”

The next few months are set to see further progress and developments.

In the City Deal, Europe’s first ever Smart Canal, an innovative £17 million project is set to complete. New technology combined with a 250 year old heritage asset is mitigating flood risk, enabling massive regeneration in an area previously unfit for development. The project is set to free up 110 hectares in the north of Glasgow for investment, new housing, paving the way for more than 3,000 new homes.

The contract for the iconic bridge over the M8 motorway at Sighthill is also set to be awarded, with bids currently being reviewed. (The estimated contract value set out in the latest project business case was in the region of £19 million).

Construction for Greenlaw Business Centre in Newton Mearns is also complete and the facility is due to open shortly with the formal opening early next year, providing modern office accommodation and support for local small and medium size businesses (SMEs).