Giffnock says yes to BID renewal

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Businesses in Giffnock have agreed to renew the BID for a further five years.

Voted for by the businesses in the area that fund and manage it, the principle aim of Giffnock Village is to deliver projects and services that will improve the trading environment of Giffnock to benefit businesses, customers and visitors.

The key priorities for Giffnock Village from 2018–2023 were shown through business consultation to be:

· Increasing footfall and repeat spend in the area

· Improving the physical look and feel of the area

· Better marketing of the area

· Creating a sense of community and improving local relationships

Giann Celino existing BID chair said: “I’ve been involved in business in Giffnock for 20 years and have been Chair of Giffnock Village throughout its first term.

“I am personally delighted that the majority of fellow Giffnock businesses have voted to continue the BID, so that we can continue to work together to make Giffnock a great place for our customers and our businesses.

“We have achieved so much already but there is plenty more to be done!”

The BID exists to work on behalf of the business community for the success of the wider community, based on the principle that we can achieve more by working together to increase footfall, stimulate investment and enhance the Giffnock area both physically and by reputation.

The current BID committee are all volunteers who own or manage a business within the Giffnock Village area.

They will continue to manage the BID until a new committee is put in place, who will agree on the projects to be delivered to achieve the Giffnock Village business plan objectives and make the BID of benefit to all.

For further information on the BID, visit Giffnock Village