East Renfrewshire MP welcomes funding for business and sport

East Renfrewshire MP Kirsten Oswald has welcomed new funding packages of support for organisations affected by coronavirus restrictions.

Monday, 14th December 2020, 12:57 pm
Kate Forbes and Joe Fitzpatrick announced the support funding for business and sport.

The Scottish Government last week announced funding of £185 million for businesses and £55 million for sports bodies.

The announcement of business support follows discussions between the Scottish Government and business groups.

Kirsten said the support would address the needs of many residents and businesses in East Renfrewshire who may have missed out on previous support packages, including taxi drivers, the wedding sector and its supply chain, mobile close contact services, such as hairdressers, and brewers.

Kirsten Oswald says the funding will help support businesses and sports organisations in her constituency.

Sports organisations in many sports and many levels will benefit from a separate £55 million emergency funding package to tackle lost ticket revenue during the pandemic.

Scottish Government Finance Secretary Kate Forbes and Sports Minister Joe Fitzpatrick announced the packages last week.Kirsten said:

Kirsten added: “I am pleased to see these announcements of new funding for additional support for business and support for sporting bodies. Helpfully, the Scottish Government have listened to those affected and have targeted funding, on a sector-by-sector basis, at those who need it most.

“A number of constituents in the business sectors highlighted for support from these new funds have been in contact with me over recent weeks, increasingly desperate as the pandemic continues to undermine their ability to earn any income. For people in their position, this announcement will be very welcome.

“The provision of support to sporting bodies is very good news. Many of those involved in sport, whether as participants or as fans, have become concerned at the impact of the pandemic on the sustainability of their clubs.

“With the roll out of the vaccine, at last there is hope we can begin to see our way out of this pandemic. We need to make sure our businesses and sporting bodies are available to play their part in our recovery, and these announcements will help us to do that.”