Council seeks your view on future development plans

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A public consultation on the future development plans for East Renfrewshire – including new affordable housing, transport links and improving town centres was launched this week.

This will give residents and interest groups the opportunity to voice their views on the council’s Main Issues Report (MIR), and influence the future of the area.

The (MIR) sets out a planning strategy and vision for East Renfrewshire and will help shape the future Proposed Local Development Plan 2.

Covering the whole of East Renfrewshire, the Main Issues Report is about big ideas and challenges for future development and has the potential to affect every single home and business in the area.

This consultation is the opportunity for residents to tell us what they think about the key challenges for future development within East Renfrewshire and options for the way they could be addressed.

This includes where new homes should go, how to meet the needs of a growing elderly population, what infrastructure is needed, and how to support the town centres.

The current Local Development Plan (LDP1) was adopted in June 2015, and this latest version will take effect in 2019 and beyond by building on the successes already achieved.

LDP1 has already had a significant impact in the area, with the first Glasgow City Region City Deal projects being delivered and other key successes such as new private and affordable homes, a new Primary school, new community and leisure facilities, high quality development and improvements to the natural environment.

Councillor Tony Buchanan, convener for Infrastructure and Growth, said: “East Renfrewshire Council is a council which listens to its residents and we are seeking the views of our community to help us achieve environmental, social and economic benefits for everyone who lives, works, visits and invests in the area.

“We want to build on the success and momentum of our LDP1 and hear your comments on our proposals. It is our vision to make East Renfrewshire a destination attraction for visitors and encourage more businesses to set up here. All comments received on the Main Issues Report will influence and shape the preparation of the Proposed Local Development Plan 2.

“The LDP2 is central to delivering our vision for East Renfrewshire to be one of Scotland’s finest and most vibrant areas, and gives us the opportunity to provide well-designed, sustainable places and support a low carbon economy.

“This is your opportunity to tell us what you think and have a real influence on the future of East Renfrewshire from 2019 and beyond. What you tell us now will help us develop and shape the best strategy and mix of development sites and will inform the proposed Plan.”

The consultation period for the Main Issues Report will run for 10 weeks. You can share your views online at, by visiting your local library, at Citizen Space on the council web site, on email at or on 0141 577 3001. You can also write to Council Offices, 2 Spiersbridge Way, Spiersbridge Business Park, Thornliebank, G46 8NG.