Cafe is glad all over about successful fundraising appeal

The Glad Cafe is a popular and much-loved venue on the Pollokshaws Road.
The Glad Cafe is a popular and much-loved venue on the Pollokshaws Road.

Glasgow Southside cafe is glad all over about successful fundraising appeal

The not-for-profit social enterprise on the Pollokshaws Road has had ongoing issues with a a leaky roof over the years.

It was thrown a lifeline with the promise of grants from Glasgow City Heritage Trust and Glasgow City Council to cover half the costs of a complete refurbishment to the roofs, stonework and guttering of the whole building.

However, the Glad Cafe had to pay its share which totalled £40,000.

But with the help of the community – and a few famous faces in the shape of musicians Aidan Moffat and Deacon Blue – the amount was raised with just five days of the campaign left to run.

The Glad Cafe’s Rachel Smilley said: “We are utterly relieved that we raised the amount and also extremely grateful for the support of the community.

“They have been fantastic, we couldn’t have done it without them. Every offer, donation and comment has meant so much to us.”

The generosity of the community, customers andmusicians as helped with the fundraising and also promoting the campaign.

Rachel continued: “We wrote that we had 16,000 followers on Facebook and if everyone donated just £3 then we would make it and people took that literally.

“We had people donating £3 and £5 and that really added up.

“Musicians donated CDs and vinyl to be put up as rewards that people paid for.

“We also got in touch with local businesses including Govanhill Baths and Locavore to help promote what we were doing.

“I’ve known Ricky Ross for years and he’s always been supportive of what we do.

“I got in touch with him to see if he could help promote the Crowdfunding campaign and perhaps play a few songs.

“He replied that the whole band would be involved, which is just fantastic.

“We had no idea that everybody would be so generous. We are all really touched.”

Posting their thanks on the Crowdfunding page, The Glad Cafe wrote: “This message comes not only with our heartfelt thanks, but a commitment to keep at the heart of all we do the words of Carson McCullers when she described what she thought a cafe should provide: ‘The atmosphere of a proper cafe implies these qualities – fellowship, the satisfactions of the belly, and a certain gaiety and grace of behaviour’ – oh, and excellent music of course.’”

And with work expected to begin in the New Year, long may The Glad Cafe continue to be at the heart of the community, providing a friendly place to hear music, play music, eat, drink and be merry.

For more information, go to The Glad Cafe