Anger and frustration at new bin collection changes

The owner of a popular Southside restaurant has hit out at the changes Glasgow City Council has made to bin collections.

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 8:24 am
Updated Thursday, 29th November 2018, 8:25 am
Battlefield Rest

From Saturday, December 8, businesses across the south of the city will no longer be able to keep their bins outside the front of their premises.

Instead, they will have to make other arrangements for the bins to be kept elsewhere.

But for Marco Giannasi, there is no alternative for the Battlefield Rest.

He said: “There was no consulation between businesses and Glasgow City Council about imposing these rules.

“It is my responsibility to make other arrangements.

“A few weeks ago we received letters alerting us to the changes and stickers were put on our bins. We were told that fines would be imposed if we did not adhere to the new changes.”

The changes are part of the council’s Commercial Waste Project which aims to make Glasgow a cleaner, greener and safer city. As part of the project, trade waste will only be allowed on the streets at certain times of the day.

This means businesses will need to store their waste in their own premises or land and then put it out for collection during a pre-arranged time slot. Failure to comply could lead to a fine of up £1000.

Marco added: “I don’t have space in my premises to store these bins. What about health and safety? It certainly isn’t hygenic. The council really hasn’t thought this through at all.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “The new arrangements for collecting commercial waste are being successfully introduced across the city, but we fully understand there can be teething problems for some businesses.

“Our general advice to businesses who are not sure on what their options are is that they speak to their commercial waste contractor in the first instance.

“The contractor will know what kind of service they are able to offer and should be able to provide an alternative to the business. If a business needs some extra time to comply with the scheme, we are happy to work with them to achieve this goal.”