Play on politics, sex and scandal galore

THE story of the deepest tan in Scottish politics is back in town, with a new — yet rather familiar — face taking to the stage.

Friday, 13th September 2013, 12:00 pm

I, Tommy — Ian Pattison’s take on the rise and fall of socialist Tom Sheridan — is on at the Pavilion this week, joined by former SSP MSP Rosie Kane (playing herself no less).

It’s a mix of comedy and drama from the Rab C Nesbitt writer, following Sheridan’s career as popular lefty politician and anti-poll tax crusader — and of course, the sex scandals and court cases which followed.

From Solidarity to swingers clubs, fame to infamy, it’s a story you couldn’t make up.

Ian Pattison commented: “The play is about how a powerful politician takes a fateful decision that wrecks his own and his party’s prospects.

“Tommy might have been a future first minister of Scotland. But he went from having the world at his feet to wearing an ankle tag. It’s quite a journey.”

On accepting the role of herself, politician turned stand-up Rosie added: “When Ian contacted me, it took me all of a few seconds to accept.

“The show is political satire at its very best; at times totally bonkers and hilarious, but there are some thought-provoking and sombre moments as well.

“My biggest concern is that Des McLean is so good at playing Mr Sheridan that I may forget where I am and throttle him live on stage!”

I, Tommy runs at the Pavilion September 17-21 - 7.30pm show. Tickets £20 (£18 concession) from 332 1846 or