Third time lucky

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DEVASTATED Cartha coach Gary Grant is set to call it quits after a heartbreaking finale to the club’s season.

A 12-7 loss to Marr meant a league title was surrendered and promotion hopes dashed on the last day of the season for the second year in a row.

The coach, who has been involved with the club with more than 20 years, is set for make or break talks with the committee next week.

He told ExtraSport: “The rugby Gods did not shine on us on Saturday.

“We were camped on their line and they manipulated the scrum, we deserved a penalty try .

“The referee cost us the league and wasted ten months of hard work.

“The boys put in so much effort all season but lost out to a team which couldn’t score a try against us in two games.

“If the referee had taken control of the scrummage we would be champions and I would be preparing the boys to take on GHA in the national league.

“I am not going through that again. It’s time to move on.”

Marr’s win meant it was the boys from Troon who will be promoted to the National League, just like a win for GHA at Dumbreck on the last day of last season meant they were promoted instead of Cartha.

Gary continued: “This is different. GHA outclassed us last year. We deserved to win this time.”