GHA are thinking ahead

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GHA RUGBY players will feel a lot safer next year in the knowledge that potentially life-saving equipment has been donated to the club.

Thanks to the Craig 
Hodgkinson Memorial Trust, a defibrillator — capable of restoring a normal heartbeat after a cardiac arrest with a controlled electric shock — will be placed in the clubhouse.

The trust was set up by Craig Hodgkinson’s parents after the 27-year-old marine died suddenly while playing rugby in 2007, from an undiagnosed heart condition.

Every week, as many as 12 seemingly healthy young people die in the UK from similar problems.

Craig’s parents John and Diane have raised more than £40,000 so far and their funds were further bolstered earlier this year when Eastwood high school teacher Gordi Reid cycled to Scotland’s top 40 clubs to raise money for the cause.

GHA club secretary Hugh Bell said: “The club is delighted to accept such a vital piece of equipment.

“This machine could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency, and will be a vital resource for everyone who uses and visits the club.

“We are committed to ensure our staff/volunteers are trained in vital life saving skills.”

More than 60 automated external defibrillators have been donated so far.