Window to the Past: Junction (1896)

editorial image

What was then Barrhead Road is in the foreground. On the left is the sleeper fence at the entrance to the Glasgow, Barrhead and Neilston Railway Company’s goods and mineral station.

Standing at the corner of Haggs Road and Maxwell Street, the original Swan Inn is seen with a painting of a swan above the door.

Almost all the buildings in this block were cleared away soon after this photo was taken and the three storey ‘old’ tenements standing there today were constructed.

The man pausing in Haggs Road has a wooden wheelbarrow of a design common until after the 1950s.

On the wall of the tenement in what became Greenview Street, at one storey level and just visible alongside the small stovepipe chimney projecting above the roof ridge of the shed, the Pollok Street name can be seen painted on the stone.

Also seen low down on the projecting gable at the lamp post is a sign advertising Sunlight Soap.

Image courtesy of Pollokshaws Heritage Group, holding weekly meetings on Mondays at 1pm in the parish hall — all welcome along.