wendy blacK, from shawlands, said: “More quality shops. There’s not even a shoe shop left in Shawlands. There’s nothing in the arcade for most people.”

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Residents living close to Shawlands arcade say their lives will be disrupted if plans for a new 24-hour gym go ahead.

Ken Greason of Eastwood Avenue was among almost 1,000 who petitioned Glasgow council not to allow a change-of-use planning application to go through that would pave the way for the installation of an all-night gym in the shopping centre.

He said: “Our concerns have been ignored by councillors who, after hearing our concerns about noise pollution, anti-social behaviour, late night lighting and parking issues, turned their back on hundreds of constituents who live near the proposed gym complex and hundreds more who signed a petition against it .”

Mr Greason claimed objectors to the plans for a 24-hour gym in the arcade have no recourse to appeal yet are angry that, had the application been denied, the management company of Shawlands Arcade would have another chance to appeal and re-apply.

Among other objectors were members of Shawlands and Strathbungo Community Council and the management of two other gyms which operate nearby.

Objectors also argued that the plans would contravene the council’s policy set out in the Town Centre Action Plan, which states the council will concentrate on encouraging new shops, offices and smaller to medium companies that would be attracted to a revamped Shawlands Arcade.

A council spokesman clarified the issue, explaining: “There are no third party rights of appeal in Scotland; this is not a matter that is set at local government level, but centrally by the Scottish government.”

The Extra went out into the streets of Shawlands to ask shoppers what they would like to see in the Arcade.

Many agreed that more quality shops in the area would help.