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Hospitals no smoking policy 'Hand hlding lighted cigarette in front of no smoking sign

Hospitals no smoking policy 'Hand hlding lighted cigarette in front of no smoking sign

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WITH money being rarer than hens’ teeth and Christmas just around the corner, it’s probably a good time to quit smoking.

East Renfrewshire CHCP reckon that if you stopped this week, you could save a whopping £500 by Christmas.

no smoking scot gov

no smoking scot gov

The sum is based on the amount of cash a smoker spends on 20 cigarettes per day from now until December 25.

Now, to help wannabe ex-puffers get through this time, ERCHCP smokefree community services are running weekly support sessions at Clarkston clinic and Barrhead health and care centre from October 23.

Those attending will find helpful tips and techniques to quit and stay off cigarettes.

Evidence shows that people are four times as likely to stop smoking if they attend a no smoking group and use nicotine replacement, or one of the pharmaceutical products available.

Advisors at the group will discuss these options and, where appropriate, can give recommendation forms for people to take to their doctor or pharmacist to request the product of their choice.

East Renfrewshire’s health convener, Alan Lafferty, said: “Smoking does an enormous amount of damage to people’s health and the health of people around them.

“So, in the run up to Christmas, what better time to give your health and finances a boost at the same time and come along to our smoking cessation sessions”.

The sessions are open to all across East Renfrewshire who are 16 or older.

Call 0141 577 4804 for more information.