Theatre for the concrete jungle

Promenade with puppets at The Tin Forest ' photo by Jassy Earl.
Promenade with puppets at The Tin Forest ' photo by Jassy Earl.

With the city’s major summer sporting event comes arts celebrations galore — and few seem larger in scale and ambition that The National Theatre of Scotland’s take,

You may have heard of the festival — after all, community events have been taking place for the last month, allowing

It’s a fitting location for a theme of regeneration, inspired by a children’s book in which an old man reinvents the world around him by sifting through the debris of the past.

So far so arty — but what does it all mean? Well, there’s a bit of everything in there...

Tuesday’s launch is a one-off concert at the rotunda courtyard featuring songs, poems and speeches, with a six-piece house band providing a musical backdrop.

Then, there’s an adaptation of the book by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson directed by city-born Graham McLaren, who promises to add a strong Glaswegian flavour (not to mention puppets).

There are pop-up performances courtesy of 90 young theatremakers from across the Commonwealth, all claiming a well-known riverside landmark as their stage.

Then there’s

Of course, that’s just the short version of the delights available — for full details, dates and times, visit