Restaurant Review: pasta staples with a touch of fizz

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With Glasgow boasting a few top notch Italian eateries, it’s not always an easy task picking one out for a midweek pasta boost.

My money’s on the one serving its own craft lager and prosecco on draft — and so, on a drizzly autumn night, the other half and I wrapped up and headed west to Paperino’s.

With the weather turning outside, it was only right that we warmed up with a tipple or two — and happily, we weren’t disappointed. Paperino’s amber-tinted beer is crisp and refreshing — perfect alongside strong Italian flavours — while the draft prosecco is incredibly light, the fizz dialled down to allow notes of sweetness through.

On then to the food, and I plumped for one of a few tempting bruschettas, topped with hot smoked salmon, marscapone and a balsamic glaze. Flaky, peaty fish, creamy cheese and sweet, sticky dressing — it was a delightful start and one for warming the cockles.

The OH opted for insalata caprese and was less impressed. Described as buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, the plate came loaded with two huge leaves of lettuce but very little of the billed basil, detracting from an otherwise beautiful ball of milky mozzarella.

Still, any complaints he had were soon put to rest with an excellent pasta al forno; a bubbling cauldron of chilli-kicked tomato pasta and Italian sausage, baked to a golden crust.

My pumpkin ravioli main was even better; plump parcels dowsed in butter, sage and parmesan — simple, sweet, savoury and utterly delicious.

The OH finished with three tasty scoops of gelato, with banana, salted caramel and tablet flavours adding a grown-up twist to a kiddie classic, while I tackled a mountain of pizza sticks with Nutella and butterscotch dips — a gut-busting dessert, but one I wouldn’t have traded for all the tiramisu in Italy, sophisticated or otherwise.

It may be the prosecco which draws you to Paperino’s — but its hearty Italian-meets-Scottish fare is bound to bring you back.

Rating: 8/10


227 Byres Road


G12 8UD

Tel: 0141 334 3811