People have their say

Joe Armstrong
Joe Armstrong

The election results are in and Labour managed to defy the odds and claim wins in both Glasgow and East Renfrewshire.

Despite a strong challenge in Glasgow, Labour held on to the city chambers while it is very much business as usual in East Renfrewshire with an administration with SNP most likely.

But are local people pleased with the result?

Joe Armstrong, a 49-year-old from Newlands, is sceptical about Labour’s victory. The mechanic told The Extra: “Labour always promise the moon, it’s time they actually lived up to their promises. “The roads need sorted and I hope unemployment figures will actually go down.”

Maria Hay, a 23-year-old out shopping with her son Nathan, believes SNP would have done a better job.

She said: “Their policies were better for young families, especially where nursery places were concerned.

“During their last term, Labour did absolutely nothing to help Shawlands town centre. It has been completely ignored.

“This time round they should help local businesses in the area so Shawlands can grow”.

Maurice McDonald, a retired 77-year-old from Shawlands, was destined to be unhappy whatever the outcome.

He said: “All the candidates are only out for their own interests. The campaign from all sides was negative and uninspiring so no wonder the turnout was so low.

“SNP is interested in nothing but independence while you only have to take a walk around Shawlands to see the Labour council could not care less about the southside”.

Meanwhile in Newton Mearns, Ian Hunter, a 54-year-old IT consultant thinks Labour’s victory is “good news”.

He told The Extra: “This is a reaction to what is happening in Westminister. People are not happy and the coalition deserved a kicking for the way they have handled the economy.

“National politics will always drive the way people vote in council elections”.

Christine Gaffney believes the result was “inevitable”. The 50-year-old showroom manager from Waterfoot said: “It was always going to happen as people want the Tories and the Lib Dems to buck up their ideas”.

David MacGill (87) from Newton Mearns is pleased that no party won overall control.

He said: “This hopefully means there will be less points scoring and councillors can come together for the good of East Renfrewshire. “Hopefully the term will be less about party politics and more about helping the community”.