Parking up the wrong tree?

A former wheelchair user, currently using crutches, has criticised an East Renfrewshire Council decision over disability parking bays.

The recently-completed council review of certain parking restraints, which took 18 months to finish, deemed that there would be no additional disability bays in Clarkston or Busby.

A council spokesman outlined the main points that influenced the decision not to increase the number of disabled bays.

He pointed out that all disabled needs were considered as part of the review, adding: “There are 38 disabled bays off-street in Clarkston.

“There are two in Busby and 14 on-street bays in the Clarkston and Busby area.”

However, William McKissock has multiple sclerosis and expects to return to getting around on a wheelchair.

He says it’s not the quantity but the quality of spaces that disabled drivers are unhappy with, particularly on Busby Road.

Mr McKissock added: “The ‘hidden’ disabled parking bays are at Clarkston Railway Station entrance.

“One, it’s on a very steep slope and, two, it lies at angle.”

He said that the parking arrangements were poorly thought out and “virtually impossible” for wheelchair users, adding: “There are disabled bays within the car park at Clarkston Library but you would need assistance to negotiate either the high kerb, slopes and narrow footpath across the railway bridge or strong arms to negotiate the pedestrian bridge.”

The council statement concluded:“The consulation process was fair and balanced regarding the needes of the entire community.

“No changes can be made at this juncture.”