Keeping up the old traditions

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Some hardened rockers will think, wistfully, back to the glory days when iconic bands such as Deep Purple and Bad Company populated the charts.

Boy bands just don’t cut the mustard with these hardcore types. Although the rock era has gone, there is one band who will not let go.

Carrying on the legacy is the highly-acclaimed Heaven & Earth from Los Angeles.

Tapping into the methodology and madness of old-school rock with a new-school attitude, Heaven & Earth shook their classic roots down to the very core on their newest disc, last year’s Dig.

The album, produced by Dave Jenkins, features guitarist Stuart Smith, singer Joe Retta, bassist Chuck Wright, drummer Richie Onori and keyboardist Arlan Shierbaum.

Special guests on the album include Howard Leese, David Paich and Richie Sambora: who is also playing in Glasgow (see next page).

The audience are guranteed a night full of rocking the way it used to be.

Front man Smith is a man who comes with top credentials — he was mentored by his idol, Ritchie Blackmore, and the two have become friends.

Smith said: “I’m probably one of the few people in the world who grew up with a poster of someone on their wall, ended up becoming friends with them and getting mentored by them.

“I feel I owe everything I do to Ritchie. He taught me a lot about the guitar.”

Smith is also voluminous in his praise to fellow band members; none more, though, than keyboard player Schierbaum: “He’s the most amazing Hammond player I’ve ever seen in my life.

That’s something considering he once played in a band with Keith Emerson.

Heaven & Earth play the O2 ABC in Glasgow tomorrow (June 27). Tickets cost £15 and are available on 0141 332 2232.